is intended to present a variety of images and video depicting the beauty of the female figure. Please read the following for details on our intent and your responsibilities as a viewer. On this page, the term ‘viewer’ refers to the paying customer, ‘content’ refers to all photos and videos presented on the website, and ‘ refers to the website, the webmasters and content creators. does not sell candid pictures or videos. Through the payment system it is possible to become a Sponsor of and get free access to a online candid art photo and video gallery for online viewing only. Money collected from the Sponsors go into maintaining the site, design, processing costs etc. contains : A collection of candid shots, done in public settings in every day situations. The subjects of every candid photography and videography on is over the age of 18 years old. If this cannot be verified due to the art and nature of candid photography and videography, any photography or videography with subjects which look like they MAY be underage was removed. respects ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’; all content is made in a public settings and public places. does not show or encourage up skirt content, sexual activity, or any sexually suggestive content. respects that any of the candid subjects in the content only being shown as art in candid form of the persons in public situations, may upon seeing themselves  on the website, may wish to have their images removed. will remove the person by request of the subject represented in the content. viewers they are not to gain access to the website with intent to harm or hurt the content maker in any way, including legal action or disruptive mass media exposure. that all material on the website is copyright to and may not be used in any form in any way or other place without prior permission from the website creator, You Do NOT have or the sites Owner’s permission to post or upload the pictures or videos for use on other websites or posting to net newsgroups etc.



I do not do recurring subscriptions, meaning you will not be billed every month , you only pay $26.99 USD A one time fee for 30 days full access.


Because this site features all downloadable content , once you get access to the content there will be no refunds with no exceptions.


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